Ellen Sierens.


The brief for this assignment was: Think of a solution for travel during the corona pandemic.
in a team of three (Julia Anseele, Amber Pérard, and myself) we came up with a solution. We made a remote-controlled car that could be controlled from anywhere in the world. This way you could discover places all over the globe from the comfort of your own home.

The car was powered by a raspberry pi and Arduino. The car received controls via WebSockets and streamed video via webRTC. The platform that came with the concept and the controller for the car were developed in react.

We divided and conquered to make this idea a reality. I was in charge of building the car and developing everything to do with controlling the car. Amber Pérard Developed the platform and Julia Anseele was in charge of design and making the case movie. The communication between the platform and the car Amber and I figured out together as this was something completely new for the both of us.

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